Check out Foxing Awesome on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Last night on “Dancing With the Stars” they did group dances and Foxing Awesome impressed everyone. This group danced to the crazy annoying song “What Does the Fox Say?” This song may drive you crazy, but I personally can’t help but admit that every single time I hear it the song is stuck in my head all day long. I kind of like it.

I was really impressed with this dance. They made the song look great. Looking at this group, my guess would be that Derek Hough did most of the choreography, but there were other great pros in the dance as well. They talked about how Derek has never lost a group dance and he didn’t lose again last night.

What did you think of the performance by team Foxing Awesome? Personally I loved it! If you missed it last night on “DWTS,” check out the video below to see it. Let me know in the comments what you thought.

If you love this one, make sure you check out the Halloween lights set to the song in this article here.


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