Shawn Johnson Reveals She She Suffered From A Miscarriage

Gymnast Shawn Johnson is speaking out about a miscarriage she went through after just finding out that she was pregnant. A lot of fans remember her from being on “Dancing With the Stars.” Us Magazine shared the news about what went down. She is married to Andrew East.

Shawn actually shared the details about what happened in a YouTube video that was 20 minutes long. She shared that it isn’t the happiest video and said, “we feel like a lot of people go through this, so we want to share it.” Shawn Johnson explained that they weren’t even trying to have a baby, but it happened and they were really surprised. She officially announced the pregnancy by giving her husband a pair of Converse baby sneakers.

Shawn explained about her miscarriage and then went on to say that they will need the baby shoes again she is sure. It does sound like they have plans to have a baby in the future. You can watch the video above to see what Shawn Johnson shared about this heartbreaking time in her life. A lot of people have dealt with this in the past, but hearing that it happens to celebrities as well.

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