‘RHONY’ Star Bethenny Frankel Defends Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards: “They had ZERO” to Do With Leaking Puppygate Story

Puppygate has dominated Season 9 of Bravo’s hit reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Now it is leaking (no pun) into the other franchises as New York housewife, Bethenny Frankel wades into the controversy.

As a guest on Andy Cohen’s Bravo talk show, Watch What Happens Live, the founder of Skinnygirl was asked her thoughts on the scandal. A close friend of both Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards, Bethenny said, “Based on the way that Kyle’s talking, I don’t think it will be over, over,” implying the friendship could still be repaired.

Rumors started swirling late last year that the there had been a falling out between Lisa Vanderpump and the rest of the ‘RHOBH’ ladies. Sources went as far as saying that Lisa V. refused to film any scenes with the rest of the cast for part of the season.

Fans didn’t know what happened until the premiere episode when Puppygate began to unfold. An employee working at Vanderpump Dogs brought a dog, Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy, out when Kyle and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave were there with their children. The employee asked Teddi and Kyle if the dog looked familiar and then began discussing how the dog had ended up at a kill shelter.

The dog had previously been adopted from Vanderpump Dogs by Dorit Kemsley, one of the ‘RHOBH’ stars and close friend of Lisa V. She claims that she rehomed the dog and that person is the one who dropped Lucy off at the kill shelter. Either way, Dorit was in violation of the adoption contract that stipulated that the dog had to be returned to the Vanderpump Dogs rescue.

The next many, many, many episodes were a rehash of the situation, with a few small tidbits of new information. Lisa V.’s husband, Ken Todd, got his hands on the texts between Teddi and the Vanderpump Dog rescue worker that made it look like she planned the entire encounter, though she had proclaimed innocence until this point. She eventually admitted her role, but claimed (and still claims) that Lisa V. told her to do it.

Lisa V. has denied having anything to do with her employees bringing up the dog or leaking the story of online website Radar Online. The other ladies asked Kyle if she thought Lisa V. could have leaked the story to the press. Kyle said it was possible and then she went to Lisa’s house and told her that everyone, including Kyle, thought Lisa V. was the leaker. That didn’t sit well with Lisa OR Ken. Lisa V. told Kyle their friendship was over and Ken kicked Kyle out of their home. Both Kyle and Lisa V. have mentioned in interviews that they haven’t spoken since.

In a tweet after the show, since-deleted, Bethenny said she doesn’t think Lisa Rinna or Kyle had anything to do with leaking the story, either.  She wrote, “I’m real friends with @lisarinna bc she shoots straight no chase. I text her & my friend @kylerichards all the time & FACT, they had ZERO to do with any items leaked.”

Lisa Vanderpump has maintained her innocence and has said the other women are targeting her. She might be onto something. Bethenny told Andy on WWHL about some advice she gave to Lisa Rinna. “As I said to Lisa [Rinna] by text…if you’re gonna take a shot at that V, you better not miss.”

Watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Tuesdays on Bravo to see if the shot is a hit or a miss.





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