‘Sister Wives’ News: The Meri and Robyn Brown Divide

With their wedding anniversary just around the corner, Meri and Kody Brown are doing better in their relationship than they have been in a long time. While a twenty-nine-year reunion is a huge deal, it doesn’t settle well with one particular sister wife. For reasons unknown to the general public, Robyn doesn’t seem fond of Meri nor does she seem at ease with Kody finding time and being happy with her. Perhaps since the two are “dating” again, she no longer is the “newest” member of the family.

Perhaps because she is the newest member of the Brown family and because she was in a monogamous relationship before joining in the polygamist lifestyle, she feels distressed. Robyn should have a better understanding of the lifestyle though, having been raised in a polygamist lifestyle herself. Perhaps it is because Meri, Janelle, and Christine all met and “married” Kody within a four-year span, and she felt a little threatened coming in sixteen years later.

These two have gotten along in the past, but they are all working on their relationships now. Things can’t be easy for them seeing that they are all in love with the same man. Regardless, they are all now living in Flagstaff as a family and trying to work it all out.

Be sure to check out the drama on TLC and watch how the next season of Sister Wives unfolds. So far, they haven’t even shared if it will be renewed.


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