Barcelona: Why Is It One of the Top Travel Destinations In The World?

Barcelona is one of the top travel destinations in the world offering unlimited experiences for all types of visitors. The vibrant culture in the city, which is interposed with unique sightings and experiences, offers tourists with awesome opportunities to do shopping, sample art and culture, cuisines and take nature walks as well as sample countless other exciting activities. Some of the outstanding attractions in Barcelona include these below.

Tibidabo Hill

This awesome tourism hotspot comprises of the spectacular Tibidabo Hill, Sagrat Church and Tibidabo amusement park.  The attraction provides tourists with an awesome view of Barcelona city and opportunities for taking nature walks and having fun in the exciting activities offered in the amusement park.

Montjuic hill and Poble Espanyol Spanish village

It is an ideal attraction for naturalists and individuals who like touring natural spaces interposed with picturesque architectural masterpieces and interacting with diverse cultures. A tour to Montjuic hill and Poble Espanyol Spanish Village offers rare and unique opportunity to sample some of the globally renowned attractions, namely Poble Espanyol village and Montjuic Castle.

Mercado de la Boqueria

Mercado de la Boqueria is the shoppers’ paradise in Barcelona. The market is renowned for spoiling visitors with a wide assortment of amazing products, including exotic foods, curios, gifts and numerous other offerings, which are offered by the ever smiling and welcoming people in the city.

Basílica de la Sagrada Família

This attraction is one of the most popular historic monuments in Barcelona.  The remarkable church monument was built in the 19th century and it remains an elegant structure, which has continued to defy the passage of time with outstanding grace.

The Font Mágical Fountain

It is one of the most startling attractions in Barcelona city. The panoramic fountain is made of a magical combination of light, water and pulsating music that generates an ethereal experience in Barcelona. For this reason, it is one of the must visit destination in Barcelona, attracting millions of visitors annually from different parts of the world.

I know I want to take a trip to Barcelona now! Have you been there before? Sound off in the comments below about your favorite thing to do in Barcelona.

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  • Carey Giudici
    April 18, 2017

    One advantage of having family members with itchy feet is the opportunity it provides to travel to wonderful places and visit loved ones at the same time.
    My daughter Monica teaches Middle school classes at the American School in Barcelona. Visiting her and boyfriend Ruben last year gave me a chance to experience one Spanish institution that isn’t in most guide books: tapas.
    Imagine being served a steady stream of imaginative and beautifully presented hors d’ouevres without having to get dressed up… That’s tapas.
    Monica took me to many of the best tapas “restaurants” that aren’t really restaurants – – mostly tiny hole-in-the-wall bars designed for six customers but overflowing with 20. Every little plate gets passed to you over people lucky enough to find space closer to the bar.
    And the taste! As subtle and nuanced as the joint is crowded and full of shoulders.
    My exploration of tapas was cut short by the calendar. Before I could complete my informal course on the subject, it was August 1 and almost every small business in the city seemed to have closed its shutters for the month-long summer vacation.
    Oh well, time to start planning a follow up tour.

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