Mindfully Buzzed: How To Balance Your Drinking Habits With Your Health

Drinkers, listen up— As human beings, we all have a desire to be happy. Social stimulation, hobbies, and healing from emotional wounds are all important aspects of this pursuit…as are physical health and vitality.


If you find yourself having one too many a little too often, it is probably because you seek to connect with others or find solace from unhealed parts of your psyche. While drinking itself is not a detrimental hobby, it can be damaging to your health if it is not done mindfully…ultimately leading to a decrease in happiness.


Binge drinking might make you feel good in the moment, but it can take a massive toll on your mind and body. It is possible to balance your drinking habits with your health, allowing all aspects of your life to align with your goals. Start on a path towards harmony by more mindfully consuming alcohol today:

  • Study Your Habits


Awareness is the first step in healing— If you happened upon this blog because of an internet search, you are likely already aware that something needs to change if you want to live a life of contentment. 


For sustainable change to take place, you need to know what you are dealing with first. Although it may hurt to face the truth about how you are harming yourself or others, it is the only way to begin taking productive steps in the right direction.


Through taking an in-depth look at what your drinking habits actually look like, why you tend to over-indulge, and how it is harming other aspects of your life, you will be able to create a truly prolific plan toward healthier habits and a sustainably happy life.

  • Prioritize & Make a Plan


Before you can begin planning a new approach to alcohol consumption, you must first have a conversation with yourself about what you care about most. This will provide you with motivation to move forward more healthily and to pin down your most promising approach.


What do you love? Sure, you may love a tipsy night out on the town…but what else? Do you enjoy waking up feeling energized and refreshed, making progress towards your fitness goals, getting tasks done throughout the day, putting time towards education and creative endeavors, or maintaining fruitful relationships with your friends and family?


Whatever it is that you cherish…if alcohol is getting in the way, it’s time to mold your habits and make it happen. Small changes can go a long way in lending you more time, money, and energy to tackle your priorities. Make a plan, stick to it, and remember why you want to surmount each challenge.

  • Stay Social & Aim For Small Victories


You might be tempted to self-isolate to avoid temptation. Is that any way to feel happier and pump your body with healthy hormones? No. Instead, surround yourself with people who are either on board with the mindful drinking movement or will support you in yours.


It is okay to still attend outings and be social when you are trying to cut back. In fact, to prove to yourself that you have control over your consumption and feel confident in your ability to connect despite a lack of liquid courage, it is important to do so. You’ll likely find that you have more fun when you have a sense of emotional stability and can remember each conversation more clearly.


When you set standards for yourself that are too high, you are only adding pressure to your plate. This can lead to ‘throwing in the towel’ after a couple of drinks to escape feelings of insurmountability. Don’t stress yourself out— Celebrate small victories as you find balance and mindfully cheer yourself on every step of the way…even when you make a mistake.

  • Savor High-Quality Beverages


This may seem like a no-brainer— When you sip drinks as opposed to downing them, it makes a big difference as to how tipsy you are at the end of the night. As easy as this might sound, it can get progressively more difficult to sustain as the night drags on. 


There’s a solution to this that also has added health benefits— Create and order cocktails with interesting, subtle flavors and high-quality whole-food ingredients. It will be easier to savor something when you thoroughly enjoy it… All the while, your body will benefit from its botanicals and nourishing mix-ins.


Concerned that these drinks might cost more money to make or buy? If they serve their purpose, supporting you in your goal of consuming less, there will likely be more money in your bank account at closing time than usual.

  • Hide Your Home Liquor


While it is certainly a style to have cute bottles lining your kitchen shelves, it is not conducive to mindful drinking. Think about it… If these are serving as a constant reminder of what you want to partake in less, then you are less likely to succeed at it.


Psychology studies have proven that we are apt to continue on a path towards what we focus on. If you want your attention to go towards other priorities, you should be surrounding yourself with reminders of those instead. To attain success, the thoughts swimming through your head should be centered around what you want…not what you don’t.


A smart idea is to add an extra step to accessing liquor at home. You can even try putting it all in an RFID, keypad, or fingerprint-controlled safe so you have to do something to get it. This will allow you the opportunity to pause and reflect on if drinking is truly what you want to do at that moment.

  • Be Patient & Notice the Perks


Patience is a virtue that we all too often neglect to apply to how we treat ourselves. Balancing your drinking habits with your health is a process—one that can only lead to true happiness if it is encouraged with a sense of self-compassion.


As you continue along your journey, it is important to approach yourself as if you were another loved one in your life. This includes being patient when mistakes are made and also validating yourself for any and all progress.


Taking inventory of the good things that are coming from cutting back is essential. You may miss some of the booze-filled adventures you used to have at first, but as you mindfully savor the benefits and start to feel a whole lot better, it will be easier to stay in balance…stepping into a healthier, happier future.



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