African Americans Plan to Sue ‘The Bachelor’

Wow people love to sue and now two African Americans have decided that they are going to sue the show “The Bachelor” for not wanting them. TMZ posted the news today. The two men are Christopher Johnson and Nathanial Claybrooks.

It sounds like they tried to apply for the show and were just not picked. They did say that they were taken over to another part of the room and totally left out of the process. This is a bit hard to believe though. Of course ‘The Bachelor’ is not perfect, but come on they are smarter than that and know the laws.

The real question here is going to be if they just didn’t want these guys or if it was based on race. What do you think? It will be interesting to see if anything ever comes out of this one.

'The Bachelor'




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  • Jesse Csincsak
    April 17, 2012

    Like I said Before to Mike Fleiss Karma Karma Karma Karma = Bullies always get brought down !! And its only gonna become a matter of time before the network gets sick of all of your negative press that reflects on them and then they will just stop resigning your show and all your beloved money will be no more then you will realize who you really are !!

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