Exclusive Interview with Heather Pond After ‘Love in the Wild’ Season One Finale

After Heather Pond finished “Love in the Wild” season one I was given the chance to interview her about the show. It was a great interview and I just wanted to share it again with the show starting season 2. Here is my interview if you missed it:

Today I was given the chance to talk with Heather Pond of ‘Love in the Wild.’ Heather and her partner Miles came in 2nd on this love adventure.

The first thing everyone wonders is how Heather and Miles are doing together. Well this couple is still going strong! They have been visiting each other in secret. She has plans to see him next week in his hometown and he will come to visit her next month. They will both get to meet the family on these trips!

Heather ended up on ‘Love in the Wild’ because her boss told her about a casting call. She thought it would be fun because it was right down the street from her house. She was surprised when she made the show and her work was amazing letting her take the time off.

She is still in touch with several people from the show. She is actually joining Theresa for dinner for her birthday. Heather has planned a fun girl’s trip to Las Vegas with several of the girls from the show.
Heather has traveled in the past, but she had never been to Costa Rica. She said that her favorite adventure was the one that took them into the caves. This one was difficult because it was so hot and humid. They had to hike about 2.5 miles, but when they got there she said it was worth it. They got to see a magical area that she would have never had to the chance to see without this show. It felt like she was in a movie.

She really wanted to win the show for a chance to spend more time with Miles, but she said several times they thought they were going home. Many different things happened that saved them on the show such as Derek getting hurt and Theresa losing her gold coins. She is happy for Mike and Sam to enjoy their trip together!

The only couples from the show that are still together are Heather and Miles and Sam and Mike. Both of these relationships are doing well!

Since Heather is done filming the show, life has gone back to normal. She is dating Miles, back to work, and says she is barely even recognized. Heather keeps busy working with a charity called Glide. This charity helps provide meals to homeless people. Every year they provide meals 3 times a day, 365 days a year, and give out over a million meals each year.

If you want to keep up with Heather Pond from ‘Love in the Wild,’ you can follow her on Twitter.


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