‘Bachelor Pad 3’: Michael Stagliano and Chris Bukowski Talk About How to Win

In a new interview, Michael Stagliano and Chris Bukowski sit down and talk about “Bachelor Pad 3” and how you can win the game. Michael knows how to win since he did win season 2 of the show.

Chris Bukowski shows that he is going to be hooking up with more than one girl in this season of thes how. Chris does say that the cameras are always on you. On this show, they are not allowed to push you into doing something.

Michael Stagliano said that you have to be good at lying to win this game and you have to have a great alliance. If you don’t have one, you won’t have someone to carry you to the end.

“Bachelor Pad 3” airs a new episode every Monday night. Check out their interview in the video below.


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