‘Married to Jonas’ Coming to E! Network in August

If you are a fan of reality TV, you will want to check out the new show “Married to Jonas.” It starts on E! network on August 19. This show stars Kevin Jonas and his wife Dani Jonas. Check out the preview for this show below.

The preview shows that Kevin is of course music royalty, but his wife is just a normal everyday girl who was thrown into this world. She says that she feels like Cinderella.

The show will let us in on their family a bit more including the in-laws. Kevin Jonas mentions that his father-in-law needs to take a step back so that he can take a step forward. We will also get to see Joe and Nick Jonas on the show.

I will admit I love a good reality show and this is one I am going to watch! This looks like a great addition to the E! lineup of reality shows. Will you be watching?


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