Serena Williams Upset Some Fans with Crip Walk Dance

Serena Williams did a good job of upsetting some people when she performed the Crip Walk Dance on television during the 2012 Olympics.

She looks like she was just having a fun time and was excited so she busted out the Crip Walk Dance to celebrate. Fans and her sister were cheering her on in the stands.

This dance move was made popular by gang members so some fans are saying that she meant in a bad way or shouldn’t have done it. This dance move has even been banned by some school systems because of it. Snoop Dogg liked it though sending out a tweet to her saying “Go girl.”

To me, it doesn’t appear that Serena Williams meant anything bad by her moves. She was just a tennis player having a good time! What do you think about her Crip Walk Dance? Sound off in the comments below and check it out in the video.


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