‘Big Brother 14’: Dan Gheesling Explains What He Takes Into the House

Dan Gheesling is a fan favorite on “Big Brother 14.” His wife has been doing an amazing job of keeping his fans updated while he is gone and updating his website. Today she posted a video from Dan that he made before he left for the “BB14” house. He explains everything that he took in the house and why he chose those items. You can check out the video below.

Dan says that it is about 90 degrees where the house is located. He says it is hot and he only takes one hooded sweatshirt so he is taking one from when his team won the state championship. He is also taking a long sleeved shirt that he has been seen wearing in the past on shows. He also took a couple of long sleeved shirts that are nice to have around the house to wear with shorts.

He is taking a pair of Nike pants that he said that last time production took from him and blacked out his Nike logo. Dan said that after one wash it came back though and you could see it again. He also took one jacket just in case.

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