Miley Cyrus Goes Blonde and Cuts Hair Super Short

Today Miley Cyrus decided to chop off all of her hair. She cut it so short that some people might not even recognize her. Actually according to Miley’s Twitter page, one person told her she is prettier than Miley Cyrus!

Miley Cyrus has been very vocal on her Twitter page saying that she feels more like herself than she has ever felt before. She even called it bliss. It sounds like this haircut made her feel more free for some reason.

Do you think that the haircut was for a movie role or just something she wanted to do for herself? It sounds like she just chose it because she liked the way it looked and that was simply the only reason.

What do you think of Miley’s new haircut? I am personally not a fan, but if it makes her happy I say go for it. Do what makes you happy and don’t worry about everyone else!



  • Dan
    August 13, 2012

    Am I the only one that actually really likes this new haircut?

    • monkeysue
      August 13, 2012

      You just might be Dan! I am not a fan, but hey to each their own 🙂

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