Kevin and Danielle Jonas Discuss New Show ‘Married to Jonas’

Kevin and Danielle Jonas are the new stars of a hit show coming to E! It is called “Married to Jonas” and will focus on their lives. I do have plans to watch this show and already have the DVR set! In a new interview, Kevin and Danielle let fans in on what we can expect to see on the show. Check out their interview below.

In this interview, fans get to see a sneak peek clip of the show. Dani talks about how Kevin can play a guitar, but he has some issues with the grocery store.

The couple has been married for two years. Kevin said when the opportunity came up they pushed each other to do it, but they did have to take a minute to think about it. They did it with an open heart. The show has made them work it all out and has been good for them. Dani says she can’t wait to have babies, but they want to make sure they have time for it and that Kevin is around when it happens for them.

Are you ready for “Married to Jonas”? I know I am ready!


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