Blakely Jones and Tony Pieper Take Relationship to Next Level

On a new episode of “Bachelor Pad 3” tonight, Blakeley Jones and Tony Pieper went on their first 1 on 1 date together. This date went well and fans started to wonder how the couple is doing since the show ended. Do you think Blakeley and Tony are still together?

This couple is still going strong! According to Rumor Fix, Blakeley Jones and Tony Pieper are moving in together soon. Tony joined the cast of “Bachelor Pad 3” to try and win the money so he could make a better life for himself and his son, but it sounds like he found love as well.

Tonight on Twitter, Tony talked to Wesley Hayden letting him know that he will take good care of Blakeley. Here is what he had to say: “@wesleyhayden @blakeleyshea Thx man, you got nothing to worry about, she couldn’t be in better hands! Hope to meet you sooner than later!” This was in response to Wes tweeting: “@TonyPieper thanks amigo, just take good care of @BlakeleyShea she’s a keeper. Congrats to both of y’all. Lots of luv!”

Wet Paint updated fans back in July that Blakeley and Tony spent an entire weekend together since the filming of “Bachelor Pad 3” ended. They went to Coeur d’Alene resort in Idaho for a romantic spa trip.
It sounds like things are pretty serious for Blakeley Jones and Tony Pieper. Sources even say that he is planning to propose and it could be on the “Bachelor Pad 3” finale. Last season fans saw a proposal from Blake Julian and it would be great to see love come out of this show again.

“Bachelor Pad 3” is airing new episodes every Monday night on ABC. Blakeley and Tony are still on the show so enjoy watching their love story unfold again next week.


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