Eric Dittelman Reads Howard Stern’s Mind on ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2012 Semi Finals

All I can say about Eric Dittelman tonight is wow! He was impress on “America’s Got Talent” 2012. The judges convinced him to change his name to Dittelman and drop the Eric.

He had a picture covered up on the stage and then had Howard Stern color in a similar one. He wanted to get him to use the same colors, but gave him all of the choices. He was able to get him to do every single thing the same except for in one place he used pink instead of red. It was amazing! What did you think of it?

Eric Dittelman, 1st Semifinal ~ America's Got… by HumanSlinky



  • Eric
    August 29, 2012

    The “reading America’s mind” thing is easy.

    He said name a simple geometric shape… but not a square.

    That leaves a triangle and a circle. Nothing else is considered “simple” unless it’s out of the box like an oval.

    BUT he is going fast and 95% of the world things of triangle and circle.

    There’s got to be something about mentally picturing a triangle in a circle so that’s why he said “it doesn’t work for everyone” because those “out of the box” thinkers would choose circle inside a triangle.

    He went so fast and how he worded it equals the majority of America thinking triangle inside a circle.

    AS for the other one, good luck.

    • chiran
      September 2, 2012

      the sketch art is easy.
      Dittleman has all the combinations drawn under his closed canvas and some one from the audience(his partner) has to activate a roller which would bring up the same combination of color portrait that the judge made.
      The shape guessing for audience is to buy some time for the roller mechanism to work.

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