Michael Stagliano Defends Himself Against Reality Steve

Michael Stagliano was a fan favorite on “Bachelor Pad 3” until he was sent home too early. Last week Reality Steve broke the news that Michael had someone back home that he had feelings for and is back with her. If you missed it, check out more on Examiner!

Michael was not happy about it at all and spoke out to Steve on Twitter today. “In response to @RealitySteve. He has a talent for being inaccurate. I was 100% single before and during the show. Didn’t break up anyone.” Steve responded to him right away saying: “@MichaelStag You need to not listen to the Twitter crazies, and read what I actually wrote. Never said u broke up any1 & said u were single.”

This is true. Reality Steve made it sound like Michael split up with her before he left and is now back with her. What do you think? Sound off in the comments section below!


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