‘Bachelor Pad 3’ Finale Spoilers: What has Rachel So Upset?

“Bachelor Pad 3” is coming to an end next week and spoilers show that is going to be an explosive finale. If you saw the preview at the end of week 7, you saw Rachel Truehart was not happy about how it all ends! Keep reading if you want to know what has her so upset and more.

Reality Steve
is the King of spoilers for anything Bachelor Nation. He was able to let fans know that Emily Maynard would pick Jef Holm right away. Now he has all of the spoilers for how “Bachelor Pad 3” will end on Monday September 10.

As we know, the final vote comes down to Nick Peterson and Rachel Truehart against Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon. Nick and Rachel will win the vote easy. If you remember from previous seasons, the winners get to choose keep or share.

Nick Peterson will shock everyone by choosing keep. Rachel will make the choice of share. This will mean that Nick Peterson wins $250,000 and Rachel Truehart goes home empty handed!

A lot of the cast is shocked by his choice and of course Rachel is mad at him. She will throw a little fit like a two year old over his choice. I have to say good for Nick. He came on the show to win $250,000. He didn’t come on there to win friends or to win $125,000. He wanted the entire prize and he played the game perfect!

Rachel played the game with too much heart. She fell for Michael Stagliano and on the finale she will find out he has already moved on to someone new. She was there looking for love and not just money. Nick avoided a showmance and that is what won him the cash in the end!

If you think about it, Nick Peterson played an amazing game. He laid low at the start of the game and stayed out of the drama. He didn’t worry about love or finding a wife. He simply won competitions when it mattered and made it to the end. Now he is $250,000 richer and Rachel Truehart is alone and broke!

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