‘Breaking Amish’ Episode 2 Preview

“Breaking Amish” started airing tonight. TLC posted a new sneak peek of episode 2 for fans and you can see it below.

In this preview, we see them entering their new places in New York. They are amazed by the water and the way that things work. They even usually buy ice everyday instead of using a refrigerator. How crazy is that?

Next they decide to head to Times Square and check it out. They are a bit overwhelmed by it all. The limo on the side of the street is something they are shocked to see and even ask to see the inside. It is crazy to see how closed off their lives have been so far.

They have to learn to deal with people too. Rude people all over New York City are yelling at them and one guy even calls them “The Pilgrims.” The way that people are acting is just uncalled for in my opinion.

Do you plan to watch next week? Sound off in the comments below.


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