Carly Rose Sonenclar on ‘The X Factor’ Impresses All Four Judges

Wow, wow, wow! Did you see Carly Rose Sonenclar on “The X Factor” tonight? This 13 year old girl was able to get Simon Cowell on his feet after her performance. She was one of the best auditions that I have ever seen on television. This little girl in Providence, Rhode Island was a great performer and of course she got a yes from all four judges.

According to Wet Paint, she will end up having Demi Lovato as her mentor on the show. Does that mean Demi will be in charge of all of the girls this time?

What did you think of her version of “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone? Sound off in the comments below. Here is another version of this amazing girl singing the same song she did in her audition. Check her out!


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