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  • Bdouble
    March 3, 2013

    Man, she looks miserable! A few things not to do when proposing to a female.. 1.) Don’t do it in a crowded place or in front of an audience b/c u aren’t really giving her an option to say no. She might like you enough not to embaress the hell out of u by saying NO but she might not like you enough to marry you. Big differance. 2. Don’t propose at a place that is special to you and not her. It’s like proposing at hooter’s, what girl wouldnt feel special? I’m being sarcastic. But make the place one of HER favorite places like a favorite restaraunt or get creative and pic a romantic girly place where she feels special. 3. I don’t like to use the word never but I have to here. NEVER EVER propose at an MMA event! Are you joking? Nothing says class like sweaty guys full of testosterone rolling around on the floor together. And in front of a crowd that’s 90% male, drunk, not very centimental, and probably a good chance they either have a mullet or a mustache. What were you thinking? 4. Lastly, I know theirs some girl out their that say they don’t care about the ring but that’s woman code for this broke ahole better get me a freakin rock if he wants to marry me! So if you don’t have a Diamond you can’t propose. And if you do deside to make all these huge proposal mistakes than at least don’t do what this guy did and announce you don’t have a diamond and how much better it would be if you had a diamond in yur proposal speech! Just use your head, the one on your shoulders you idiot! If this girl is still with him she’s crazy. And if she isn’t w/ him anymore then she should call me 303.555.1234.

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