How Long Does Kacie Boguskie Make It on ‘The Bachelor’ 2013?

Sean Lowe has recently started filming for “The Bachelor” 2013. Reality Steve already gave out spoilers that Kacie Boguskie will be part of the cast.

Today Steve was able to spoil how long the fan favorite stuck around. He told a bit ago that she made it through the very first rose ceremony. Today he went to Twitter to let us know her fate has changed. He said:”As for Kacie fans, sorry to say, but she’s been eliminated and back home in Nashville already. Like I said, Sean wasn’t picking her.”

As a fan of Kacie, I was hoping she would stick around longer. She is a good Christian girl who seemed like a good fit for Sean Lowe. It sucks she went home so soon! I am just guessing, but I would bet she made it through the first 3 rose ceremonies maybe one more before she was sent packing.

Are you excited for “The Bachelor” 2013 to start in January? I know I am!



  • Cindi
    October 7, 2012

    So glad Kacie has been eliminated. I don’t see Kacie as someone who walks her talk. Nor do I think that she was there for the right reason. Just another way for her to stay in the spot light.

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