Watch Lamar Odom Mess Up in New Interview

In a new interview, Lamar Odom makes a mistake. It looks like he forgot who he is even playing for this year. That is not shocking considering he moved around a lot lately. Lamar said that he plays for the LA Lakers when he is really on the Clippers this year. Do you think it was a little bit of wishful thinking? Check it out below!


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  • Deb Kennedy
    March 5, 2013

    I think Lamar’s children should be on KUWTK. After all, he is their baby daddy and I’m sure he would feel proud for them to be with him on TV. That is, to be loved by a whole group of wonderful people who are called the Kardashians. They should be able to get to know them too. After all, they are part of their family. And I think it would be great for them to be on television. How wonderful that would be! Hang in there Lamar and Kloe I’m telling you guys, it’s gonna be YOUR year to shine!

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