‘The Bachelor’ Canada: Fans Want Spoilers On Who Brad Smith Picks

Next week is the finale of “The Bachelor” Canada. Fans want to know who Brad Smith picks. So many viewers are used to the United States version of this show. In this version, Reality Steve is always able to spoil the ending. He already has been giving out spoilers for Sean Lowe’s season.

Now Steve said from the start that since he won’t be watching “The Bachelor” Canada with Brad Smith and that he won’t be giving out spoilers on the show either. Now fans are looking everywhere for them and they just don’t exist. I have to admit it would be kind of nice to watch the show with some suspense.

It is down to Bianka and Whitney. Who do you think he will pick in the end? There are no spoilers for “The Bachelor” Canada so you will have to simply guess! Sound off in the comments on who you want to win this first season of the show.


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