‘Sister Wives’ Teenagers Speak to Jeff Probst About Life in a Polygamy Family

Jeff Probst got the chance to speak with four of the teenage girls from the hit show “Sister Wives” on his talk show on Nov. 29. The girls spent about 15 minutes talking to Jeff. The interview started out a lot of fun as he guessed which mom each of them belonged to by looks. You can watch the interview below.

This interview was with Mariah, Aspyn, Mykelti, and Madison. Here are the main highlights of what the girls had to say:

  • Meri wanted to make sure that everyone knew they were there supporting the kids and wouldn’t let anyone do it alone.
  • The moms and Kody talked about how they want the kids to be asked appropriate questions only considering they are minors.
  • The girls admitted that they work the system and go to a certain mom for certain things.
  • They admitted that Christine doesn’t care about curfew.
  • Mariah says the show changed them for the better because they don’t have to lie about their family now.
  • Aspyn admits that she uses Twitter to talk to her dad sometimes. She also says that she loves all of her siblings the same even if they have a different mom.
  • Madison says the hardest part growing up was having to be secretive about their family. She also does not want to be in a plural marriage.

“Sister Wives” airs new episodes on Sunday each week on TLC. It is in season 4 right now.


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