Lazaros Arbos Loses His Stutter on ‘American Idol’

Tonight on “American Idol” fans fell in love with Lazaros Arbos. He talks away to the judges and has a very strong strutter while he does it, but as soon as he starts singing it is gone and they are amazed! He sings “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and impresses all of the judges. What did you think of Lazaros?


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  • Ericka Sanders
    January 22, 2013

    I think that Lazaros is awesome he overcame so much and to be on American Idle is a n amazing achievement.I know of a famous country singer Merle Haggard by name who was also a person who stuttered and look at what he has done in the country music field.Ask Mr Keith Urban about Mr Haggard!!!!!! Love your heart Lazaros!

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