‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ 2013 Preview: Gary Busey is Back!

“The Celebrity Apprentice” is back tomorrow night for 2013. This is a great All Star season and Gary Busey is back! He is a bit crazy as usual. Check out the preview below for a glimpse of what you can expect to see.

He says that he is going 5,000 miles past Heaven and wants you to come with him in the journey. Gary says that he is blessed and chosen. They show him acting a bit crazy while chopping up some food for a challenge.

Donald Trump says this is the strangest selection of the cast for this show. Trace Adkins even teases that “Men In Black” are going to come and get Gary because he is an alien. He is going to talk about farts and even dress like “The Cat in the Hat.”

Gary Busey is a bit crazy, but he is going to make this show interesting! Are you excited to watch this season?


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