‘Glee’ Season 4 Episode 18 Preview Full of Spoilers

After a new episode of “Glee” tonight, it won’t be returning until April 11. That is a long time to wait for season 4 episode 18. A new preview is out for this episode and if you pay attention it is full of spoilers for the upcoming episode. Check it out below.

Will says that he wants them to make the most of it and you can tell that Rachel is in New York ready for a part. There are five episodes left in season 4 of this hit show before the finale.

Finn and Puck are both in this episode. Plus there is a huge dance number that almost looks like a flash mob or it could be The Harlem Shake since we know this is coming. Will has dinner with Coach Beiste and she tells him that she boiled their pasta in the hot tub! Eww!

Are you ready for season 4 episode 18 of “Glee”? Don’t miss it on April 11.


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