Derek Hough Surprises Fans at Kellie Pickler Concert

Last night at the Kellie Pickler concert Derek Hough made a surprise appearance! She was singing her hit song “Red High Heels” while he was running back and forth on the stage. Derek shook hands with fans and they looked like they were loving it!

One fans even had a sign that said “Pick Hough” on it. Derek grabbed it, held it up, and then even signed the poster for them. They seemed to really enjoy him on the stage.

Derek Hough is Kellie Pickler’s partner on “Dancing With the Stars” this season. The two did a great job on their first week on the show and will be back to dance again tomorrow night on the show. Kellie was amazing the first week so she does stand a good chance of winning or at least being around for awhile.

Are you a fan of Kellie and Derek? Do you think they can win? Sound off in the comments and make sure you check out the video below of Derek surprising fans at the concert.


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