Kim Kardashian Tells Kourtney She is Pregnant in Series Finale

Tonight is the big series finale of “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.” In a new preview, Kim will spill the beans to Kourtney letting her know that she is pregnant. Fans know that already, but this was taped months ago and is the first time that she told her.

In this clip, Kim is having some stomach pains and needs her sister to rush her to the hospital. She has Kourtney come pick her up from Johnathan’s to take her the the emergency room. She is dealing with bad stomach paints and has to tell her sister the truth about what is going on with her.

Kim tells Kourt that she is pregnant and that nobody knows but Kayne West. She hasn’t told her family yet, but it should end up being shown on the season finale tonight.

Now the real question is if this was really the first time she told her sister or not. Do you think they caught it on camera or do you think that they refilmed it for the show?


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