Candle Fire at the Osbournes: Listen to Sharon Osbourne’s 911 Tape

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are having their own problems lately. It sounds like a split is coming as she is off vacationing without him. He has admitted that he has been back on drugs and drinking again which is their big problem. He seems to be going back to his old ways and that is not a good thing with Ozzy.

TMZ reported that this 911 tape below could be showing the start of their problems. Ozzy is making some noise in the background. I personally can’t tell what he says at all, but it does sound odd.

Now Sharon is talking about a candle catching a table on fire, but she sounds obviously upset. It is unknown if she is upset about the fire or her husband. This could have been the start to their problems and it is very sad.

Do you think that Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne can get back together? Sound off in the comments below.

Listen to the 911 tape here!


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