Exclusive Jenna Reeves and Tim Lopez Updates: Living arrangement, marriage, and more

It is great to see a love story play out on television. When the show “Ready for Love” started, I was hooked right away. It ended up getting taken off of television and being put on NBC.com but I still watched it all. Today I was given the opportunity to talk to Jenna Reeves via email and get a big update on her relationship with Tim Lopez of Plain White T’s.

Tim and Jenna were the only couple from the show to make it. They are still together and going strong. Jenna did say that they are not living together, but they do spend most of their time with each other. Marriage has been discussed, but of course they are not there yet. They are letting everything happen at its own pace. They had to stay in hiding for ten months so they are just now able to be a couple out in the real world.

Jenna described their relationship as “perfect.” It doesn’t sound like anything can split up this couple from “Ready for Love.” I wish Jenna Reeves and Tim Lopez the best of luck! They are a great couple that I can’t wait to hear more from in the future.


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