First Look of ‘Delivery Man’ Movie Trailer

The movie “Delivery Man” is coming to theaters soon and I am one of the lucky people who gets to post the movie trailer first! That is right if you are seeing it here then you are one of the first to see it because this trailer was only placed on a few select blogs today.

This flick stars Vince Vaughn and is sure to be a big hit. He is officially the biological father of 533 children! This is from where he donated to a fertility clinic and there was some kind of big mix up. Now they are suing to find out who he is and he is going to need a good lawyer!

He has to make the big decision of if he wants to come forward or not. Does he want these 533 kids to know who their real dad is and does he want to do anything about it? This movie looks hilarious and “Delivery Man” is a must see!


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