Outdoor Element Survival Bracelets Are Coming Out

Outdoor Element Survival Bracelets

Outdoor Element Survival Bracelets

The guys with Outdoor Elements Survival Bracelets are excited to hear that their bracelets are now about to become a reality. They were able to get all of the money they needed from using Kickstarter!

Now they are just working on getting the bracelets ready for sale. The prototypes are being worked on and these bracelets are already available for pre-order. If you are interested in getting one, check out their site.

What are Outdoor Element Survival Bracelets? They are a great bracelet to wear at all times. They look stylish, but can also help save your life. They include seven strands of 550 paracord. They also have two strands of braided fishing line along with a strand of tinder. There is also a fishing hook inside of the bracelet and the clasp works as a firestarter which is great to have on you at all times. Do you plan to get one?


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