Watch Amanda and GinaMarie in Huge ‘Big Brother 15’ Live Feed Fight

Wow last night in the “Big Brother 15” house things got wild! Amanda and GinaMarie started screaming and yelling at each other. Do not watch this at work because it is pretty much non-stop cussing action. Things are crazy between the two of them.

It lasts about 10 minutes as they just yell at each other and everyone else watches. GinaMarie is telling Amanda every bad thing she can think of to say about her including calling her a prostitute. She even goes as far as to keep telling her that McCrae is aware that she would never date him outside of the house. I honestly think that she is right. Would Amanda Zuckerman really want a relationship with a pizza delivery boy?

What do you think of Amanda and GinaMarie’s drama in the “BB15” house? I am hoping Amanda goes home tonight and it is all over! I am so tired of her and McCrae.


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