Carrie Underwood Performs with Little Girl at Concert

Country music stars know the way to get the crowd on their feet, but lately they have been using children to do it and it works. Carrie Underwood recently brought a little girl named Brooklyn up on stage with her so she could help her sing the song “See You Again” and it was so adorable. Luke Bryan also did this recently and it went over well.

The little girl on stage with Carrie is named Brooklyn. She is really cute and is not afraid of the crowd at all. One of the best parts of the video is at the end when Carrie tells her the cheering from the crowd is all for her and it is all for this young girl!

It is great how she is able to sing Carrie Underwood’s song “See You Again.” She is obviously a big fan and knows the word. Check out the video below and share what you think of the video in the comments.


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