Why is Jenna Blind Again on ‘Pretty Little Liars’?

“Pretty Little Liars” can get a little bit confusing and overwhelming at times. As I was watching the episode “Into The Deep,” I noticed that Jenna was blind once again. Why is she blind again?

Jenna had surgery that made her able to see again, but it was the kind of surgery that might not last forever. There are people that have good days and bad days. On this episode Spencer explained that Toby had told her Jenna was one of the unlucky ones that it didn’t work for and that she was losing her sight again.

Are you shocked that they would decide to make it where Jenna is blind again on “PLL”? This twist is a bit strange so I am curious to see if her sight comes back again later. I like her better when she can see what is going on actually. Sound off in the comments on your thoughts about Jenna being able to see or not.


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