Julie Chen Reveals Huge ‘Big Brother 16’ Twists

Today on “The Talk” Julie Chen spoke out about “Big Brother 16” and revealed the big twists for this season. It is going to be wild and starts in just one week. She didn’t share who will be on the show but did share the twists. Here is what she had to say on June 18.

This season there will be two head of household each week. That means that four people will be on the chopping block and not just two people. This is also the first season ever that being the HOH doesn’t mean you are safe. In past seasons, the HOH was not going home but this year they will do a game called “Battle of the Block.”

Also the fans will be in the game this year by helping out. It is an interactive twist called “Team America.” Julie Chen did not share what this means for “Big Brother 16” but it is a season you don’t want to miss. It sounds like everything will change this year. I can’t wait for it to start! Check out Julie’s tour of the new house in the video above.


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