Las Vegas on a Budget – Free Shows, Gifts, Tickets, and More in Sin City

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Las Vegas, Nevada is also called sin city! They are famous for their night clubs, shows, and gambling. A trip here can be very expensive if you don’t know all of the great things to do here for free. When we went to Vegas, we had a lot of fun and did not spend a ton of money! Here are several things you can do for free and still have a great time.


The Bellagio hotel offers a free fountain show in front of it. This show is fabulous! The fountains are set with the music that is playing outside. This show is best when it is dark outside and you can watch the lights move with the water. This show is done every thirty minutes. It starts at noon on Saturday and Sunday. During the week it starts at 3:00 pm. It runs until midnight.

Treasure Island, also known as TI, has a pirate show outside that is free of charge. It is called “Sirens of TI.” This show is nightly starting at 5:30 pm in the winter and 7:00 pm in the summer. There is another show every hour and 30 minutes with the last show at 11:00 pm in the winter and 12:30 pm in the summer. This show is great with pirate ships and lots of water.

Freemont Street is just off the strip in downtown Las Vegas. The Freemont Street Experience is a show of lights that is on a canopy above your head. This is an amazing show that is done every hour on the hour. This area also has street performers at different times to include magicians and Vegas showgirls.


The MGM Grand has a lion habitat set up inside of it. You can see the lions and even watch them being fed at certain times during the day.

The Venetian hotel is set up with an indoor canal that you can ride. It does cost to ride the canal, but the area is beautiful just to walk through. The ceiling is painted to look like the sky and they have street performers all around.

Every casino that you go into you will want to sign up for their player’s card. This card gives you a bonus if you spend money gambling in the casino. The reason to sign up for them is that you will usually get something free for signing up. You can get $10 in freeplay, shirts, and other items this way. One casino let us spin a wheel and we each won a prize. I received a free keychain and my husband got a water bottle. We also received free t-shirts by applying for a credit card in one of the casinos.

Timeshare/Free Tickets

As you walk the streets of Las Vegas, you will see a lot of people set up trying to give away free tickets to shows. The catch to this is that you have to sit through a meeting about purchasing a time share. You are not obligated to buy anything. We sat through one of these. It took about three hours, but we received two free tickets to see Lance Burton the magician. These tickets were worth about $80 each.


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