‘Survivor Cagayan’: Is Trish Really a Man?

Fans of “Survivor: Cagayan” can’t stop wondering if Trish Hegarty is really a man or not. She made a comment one week that she is really a man, but it was very obvious it was a joke to me. Some people believed it though for some reason.

Trish went to Twitter to confirm if this is true or not. She said, “Out with my boys I grew up with last night. NO, I am not a man , yes, I am one of the guys. I love it..” There it is folks. Trish Hegarty is not really a man. No matter what this news came straight from Trish. She was just joking around and trying to make light of the situation. Everyone took it pretty serious, though.

Honestly, I am really shocked that fans even believed it. I personally thought nothing of it when she said it until I realized it was the talk of the social networks. So if you are watching back “Survivor: Cagayan,” no Trish is not a man. It was just a joke, but a lot of people fell for it when she said it on the show.

It really doesn’t sound like there is any reason to think that Trish is a man other than her comment. Fans that are rewatching this season of “Survivor” always wonder when they see it, though.

So did you think that Trish Hegarty was really a man? Sound off in the comments below!


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