‘Breaking Amish’ Returning With Original Cast

Jeremiah Raber with Permission

Jeremiah Raber with Permission

The hit show “Breaking Amish” is finally coming back with the original cast. They did a second season of the show called “Return to Amish” and now they will be back again. No matter what, fans just can’t embrace new cast members like they did the group from the first season.

Zap 2 It shared that the show will be back starting on May 31. Mama Mary decides to run a bed and breakfast, but some health issues get in the way and she is going to need some help. One thing fans are really excited about this season is that they will get the chance to meet Jeremiah Raber’s kids, which is a first for the show. Kate will be in New York City modeling and even has some plastic surgery done. This is a must see season of the show.

Don’t miss “Return to Amish” when it starts airing on TLC on May 31. This is going to be a great summer show!


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