Shania Twain friend: Singer still upset with cheating ex-bestie

Shania Twain (Instagram)

Shania Twain (Instagram)

Shania Twain’s ex-husband actually cheated on her with her best friend Marie-Anne Thiebaud, which was one of the hardest thing that the country singer has ever had to deal with. Now she is speaking out about how she wishes she had never even met the girl. US Magazine shared a clip of her from “Watch What Happens Live” on Bravo with Andy Cohen where she revealed her true thoughts.

During a segment called Plead the Fifth, Shania Twain was asked what she would say if she ever rant into Marie-Ann again. Her reply was simple as she said, “I wish I’d never met you.” She obviously wants nothing to do with the girl who ruined her 17 year marriage. The crazy thing is Twain is now remarried to Frederic Nicolas Thiebaud, who used to be married to Marie-Ann. It looks like they leaned on each other during the time that they were both splitting with their spouses. It all worked out in the end for Twain since she found love.

Things are going great for Shania Twain right now. She recently revealed that she will be doing her final tour which is called “Rock This Country.” it is going to be a huge tour because she says it will be her last. Recently Twain had a stay in Las Vegas performing shows there. Since then, she took a bit of time off but now it is time to kick off her big tour and give fans one last chance to see her in concert. It starts on June 5 and will go through August.


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