Hulu Pulls ’19 Kids and Counting’ Reruns

The drama keeps coming for “19 Kids and Counting.” After the Josh Duggar scandal recently, TLC made the choice to not play their reruns anymore, but they have not officially canceled the show. Now Hulu is revealing that they will not be showing the repeats on there platform either.

The Hulu rep spoke out to EW and said that the show has expired from their service. They are not sharing that they took it off because of what is going on, but simply said that it has expired.

This comes out after several advertisers have pulled out from the show as well. At this time, it doesn’t look good for this show. There has been some talk about a possible spin-off, but so far nothing is confirmed. The true fans of the show still really want to see at least part of the family on a series. It is unknown how long it will take TLC to announce their final decision about the show.


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