New ‘Return to Amish’ Big Preview Teases Great Season

A new season of “Return to Amish” is coming this weekend. The show will be back on Sunday May 31 and now a new big preview is showing a bit of what to expect this season. For some reason, I have never been able to embrace the new cast of the show, but I still love watching the originals.

The clip shows Mary ends up getting really sick and they have to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Kate is doing a big runway show and is afraid nobody will like what they see. Andrew ends up in jail once again, but whatever happened you can tell Chapel is involved. That could get interesting.

Mary is starting her own bed and breakfast and it will be full Amish. She doesn’t expect people to have cell phones while they are there and even puts them to work. The best part has to be the addition of Jeremiah Raber’s children to the show and getting to see that part of him. Don’t miss “Return to Amish” when it starts airing on May 31 on TLC.


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