‘Big Brother 17’ News: Did Da’Vonne Just Blow Vanessa’s Cover?

A lot is happening in the “Big Brother 17” house already! For one thing, Vanessa and Da’Vonne are both being deceitful to the rest of the house guests by lying about what they really do for a living. Vanessa is a professional poker player and Da’Vonne is a professional poker dealer. Vanessa told everyone she is actually a D.J and Da’Vonne told the rest of them that she is a second grade school teacher. According to the Inquisitr on July 1, Da’Vonne might have already blown Vanessa’s cover.

It seems Vanessa maybe should have kept her mouth shut when she told Da’Vonne the truth about her profession. However, she really didn’t lie too much when she told everyone this because it wasn’t far from the truth since she has been promoting her D.J business a little more than she has been of her poker business. I Wonder what will happen if anyone finds out she won over $4 million in poker money.

However, Vanessa already feared that everyone would find out because she has been afraid that some might recognize her from being on TV. She did say if anyone recognizes her she will just say that yeah, she has been on TV to promote her D.J business a lot. Watch out girl! Let’s hope Da’Vonne hasn’t blown her cover yet at least! Things are getting wild in the “Big Brother 17” house. Make sure you check out my “Big Brother” Fans Unite group on Facebook!


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