Teresa Giudice Sweet Talks Police Into Helping Her Get Home To Avoid Probation Violation

Teresa Giudice is still on probation and has to be home by a certain time. Of course, that means that Teresa has to leave events on time or end up rushing home. It turns out this week she didn’t leave quite in time and now TMZ is sharing that Teresa had to talk a police officer into keeping her from getting into trouble.

After making a red carpet appearance, Teresa Giudice had to be home by 10 p.m. She hired an Uber driver to take her home. Teresa told them to speed him, which ended up with the car getting stopped on the way to take her home. If she wasn’t careful, Giudice could have ended up being late.

The police officer was nice though. When Teresa Giudice explained that she told them to speed, the officer was nice enough to let her go home. They let them go and she was able to get home just in time. This star of “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey” is very lucky.


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