Emily Maynard Expecting Her Third Child

Great news is out from Emily Maynard of “The Bachelorette” and she is pregnant once again. People shared the news about her new baby on the way. Emily already has a daughter Ricki and a son Jennings. Her daughter Ricki is the child of her late fiance Ricky Hendricks and Jennings is her first son with husband Tyler Johnson. He was just born last July.

Emily Maynard is really excited about the baby on the way and shared the news with fans even giving details.

When this baby gets here, Jennings will be about 15 months old and even though I’m sure he’ll have no clue what’s going on, I feel a little guilty just because he didn’t get to be the baby for very long!

Ricki is just so excited because now she gets to move into the playroom, which happens to be the biggest room in the house.

Emily Maynard is happy about the new baby on the way and admits just weeks after Jennings was born she couldn’t wait to have another one. No news on the sex of the baby yet, but hopefully she will keep fans updated. Emily has been working hard and has a new book coming out that you can check out in the link below.


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