Blake Shelton Says He Had To Dial It Back With Twitter Haters

Blake Shelton is known for telling people off on Twitter and not being shy about his thoughts. People always have nasty things to say and Blake just tells them how he feels. People shared that Blake Shelton is now revealing that he had to dial it back a bit with the Twitter haters recently.

During an interview with SiriusXM’s Music Row Happy Hour, Blake talked about having to ignore them. He said “The last couple of years, year and a half, I kinda had to dial it back a little bit.” 

Blake Shelton went on to explain the details about how he can’t just let them get to him all the time. 

“At first it was fun for me to get on there – I don’t know that anybody has as many haters out there as I do, at least in the country music world – I think that’s what was fun about Twitter for me, to get down there and be like ‘oh, really,’ and just fire back at em. Next thing I know, that became a popular thing for people to look at on my Twitter page, just me firing back at the booger-eaters out there. After a while … I just decided, man, I can’t get worked up over this stuff anymore.”

Blake Shelton has been through a lot the last few years and a lot of people didn’t agree with his divorce from Miranda Lambert. Now Blake has moved on and is dating Gwen Stefani and of course haters have something to say about that too. Are you glad to hear that Blake isn’t going to let them continue to get to him? Sound off in the comments below. 



  • Barbara Corbin
    March 5, 2016

    I have no problem with Blake, before he divorced Miranda I thought he was a honest man, married to the girl of his dreams. It broke my heart when they announced their divorce and it was already final. Together the two of them were what made Country music so special. They appeared to be totally in love and in my opinion the best duet in our little country world. I don’t mind telling you “I shed tears over this”, I felt like I had lost a member of my family. If Blake loves Gwen Stefani that is their business…but I have never liked her or her music and singing. I want listen to Blake nor will I buy any of his music. Hopefully my feelings will change…but right now it is disgusting.

  • Connie
    March 6, 2016

    I can’t lie, I too, was probably a hater but I would not call my self a hater. I was shocked and let down maybe but not really a hater to either party. I do understand things happen in life and u just got to move along. I sure hated to hear it though but I accept it. I admired you both so much and you were all I listen too. I have become more open minded and have been listening to more different artist but don’t get me wrong, I still love me some Miranda and Blake. I am a country music lover so I do not really know Miss Gwen. But I bet she does a fine job with her style of music. I do however hope all the hearts across the world mend as mine has and keep the love within for all of them. I just got to throw this in… boyfriend of some 20 years could pass for Blake. That helped me in my process of grieving. Yes, I lost him but my heart hasn’t. Now I do not look like Miranda but wish I did. I am a red head with green eyes but happy with that. Anyway, Mr. Blake I do want to apologize if I was in the hater group cause I sure did not want to be that bad but I indeed was torn up inside over it but my heart played a part in this also. I do wish u all the best and Miranda also. Now, lets play some music!

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