Where Can You Watch The Daytime Emmy Awards For 2016?

It is time for the Daytime Emmy Awards for 2016. This year this show will not be televised at all, so fans are trying to figure out where they can watch it and see if their favorite wins. They will be happening tonight, May 1.

Last year, the Daytime Emmy Awards were on POP, but for some reason, they didn’t decide to do that this year. It will all be going down on Periscope, though. Parachute TV even has behind the scenes videos and interviews with winners. You can watch that at this link. The red carpet will also be airing there as well.

It turns out that the entire show will not air live tonight, though. Instead, you can watch it on The Emmy Awards website tomorrow. You can find out winners by following the hashtag #DaytimeEmmys on Twitter all night long.

Are you surprised that they Daytime Emmy Awards won’t air live? Do you want to watch it tomorrow after you know the winners? Sound off in the comments below.


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