Who Won The Second ‘Big Brother’ Roadkill? Who Did They Nominate?

Things are really heating up in the “Big Brother” house and now the winner of the second Roadkill competition has been revealed. This all came out on the live feeds and fans can’t wait to get the news. So who won the Roadkill this time around? Was it Frank again?

It turns out that Victor won the Roadkill competition so he will get to pick one person to put up on the block. This will make them the third nominee for the week. Victor made the choice to put up Tiffany in hopes that she will end up going home.

Now it is all down to the POV. It will be interesting to see who comes off the block if anyone. This means right now Tiffany, Paul and Bronte are the ones fighting to save their spot in the house.

Are you shocked to hear that Victor won the “Big Brother” Roadblock? Who do you want to see go home this week? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.


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